Dave Meyer (owner)

Dave has an interest in how things work, and a drive to figure out where and why things go wrong. Dave got his start in the flooring and mitigation industry at a young age. He worked alongside of his father at the carpet cleaning company his family owned and operated. When he was eighteen he started his own installation company and overtime was hired by a large manufacture company to do inspections on why floors were failing. When he was twenty, he started Crown Flooring; and once he saw the need for the knowledge he was able to provide the mitigation industry, he started Certi-Dry. Dave works in each aspect of the company providing support for both the client, as well as the employee. His heart is in the training of his employees, and growing them alongside the company. 


jennifer doescher (operations director)

Jennifer Doescher has a passion for people, and a drive for business and success. This has led her into the world of management. Jennifer to her start at crown Flooring as a marketing rep working with commercial contractors. Building her route from scratch, overtime she worked her way into cross selling for Certi-Dry and moving into managing of the marketing department. This led to her eventual position in the management of United Investments Group LLC (The Company that encompasses Certi-Dry and Crown Flooring). Jennifer has a history of owning and building up various businesses to success, giving her a viewpoint as both an employee as well as management, 


Brenda copus (controller)

Brenda Copus has a passion for numbers that opened the door for her in the financial world. She started working for Certi-Dry in 2014 as an Accounting/Production administrator. Her 25 years of experience in both retail and corporate accounting and management gave her the ability to grow within the company. This allowed her to move into the Controller position for United Investments Group LLC, managing accounting for both Certi-Dry and Crown Flooring.

Brian Schulz.jpg

Brian Schulz (supervisor)

Brian has been part of the Certi-Dry team since August 2015. He brought with him 8 years of knowledge and experience and 3 years experience as an estimator. Prior to that he worked as a Building Trades instructor for 8 years training crews of people. This experience led him into the Supervisor position here at Certi-Dry. His customer relations and service has been strengthened over his many years of experience making him a great leader in the company and with our customers. Brian is certified in Water Restoration, Odor Control, Lead, and Carpet Cleaning. In his off time you can find him spending time with his family, on a golf course, or chilling on the water in his boat.


Tyrone Kercher (Project Manager)

Tyrone has been with Certi-Dry since May 2017. He comes from a previous background in construction management for the prior two years leading up to his employment with us. Before getting into the project management field he was in residential sales and managed three apartments for various owners. Originally from Nebraska, he also lived in Georgia where he went to college at Georgia Institute of Technology and obtained his degree as his business major. He most recently made Virginia his home which he lived for 10 years, he just moved to Madison a few months ago and is still adapting to the crazy weather Wisconsin provides. In his free time he loves going outdoors to play volleyball, basketball, ski, and hike. 


Rick Peterson (Marketing/sales)

Rick joined the Certi-Dry team in July 2016 and has since helped put his mark on the marketing and sales of the company. He has 27 years of sales experience previously which has made him a extremely knowledgeable sales and marketing guru. Through his 27+ years of sales experience he has gained a large list of connections in Madison and the surrounding . It's actually a running joke here at the office that Rick knows everyone in Madison, and honestly I'm starting to think he does. Part of his magic is his his outstanding personality and social nature that help him make these connections in our community. Rick is also certified in Water Restoration and ASD Certified which allows him to go out on jobs and work as a technician as needed. When not working you can find him cruising the Wisconsin countryside on his Harley, going to rock concerts, or chilling with his pup.


Adam MArkley (Online marketing)

Adam Joined Certi-Dry in March of 2017 and has since been hard at work re-working the social media and digital presence we have on the local community. This website is one of the first big undertakings on his plate since joining the team. Adam has had many different career paths since starting out in college in 2006. He originally began a degree in marine biology and quickly realized it wasn't for him. In 2012 he decided to work towards a degree in a Graphic Design after finally finding an outlet for his creativity. He has been doing freelance work since 2014 for various clients and has worked on websites and other digital platforms as well. Being brought up in the social media generation, he has been able to help begin adapting that knowledge into the company marketing plan going forward. Outside of work you will find him standing in a creek in the Driftless area of Wisconsin fly fishing or attending a concert (most likely heavy metal).

MAI Vang (Office admin)

Mai is our most recent addition to our team, coming in at the end of May, 2017. Since arriving, she has fallen right into place with the business. Mai has been in an Accounting / Admin position for over 3.5 years. Even before her Admin and Accounting career, she was leading a team of people in the restaurant industry. Mai has been in Madison for most of life, having lived here for 23 years where she met her husband and became a mother. Outside of work she loves spending time with her son and husband. When not in mom mode, she tries to relax as much as possible, something she doesn't get to do to often.

Ricardo Chavarria (lead technician)

Ricardo joined our team in 2012 after having already gained 8 years of experience working for 5 different restoration companies during that time. His specialty is Water Mitigation, having worked mainly with water losses over his career. He is a great leader in the company and many of the less experiences technicians try and absorb his knowledge in the field. He has his Water Restoration Certification and has extensive knowledge in the field. When not at work he can be found spending time with his family. His family really enjoys the outdoors and spends a lot of time camping in the warmer Wisconsin months. 



James hall (LEAD technician)

James joined Certi-Dry inAugust of 2014. He brought with him 4 years of experience in the restoration field. He is vastly knowledgeable and dedicated to his work with water mitigation. His special in the field is his ability to dry the effected area of our customers properties. He is certified in Water Damage, Fire Damage, Lead, and ASD certified. James has a contagious personality and loves to joke around with his co-workers. When he is not at work you can find him golfing, watching sports, or hanging with his granddaughter she is in town. 

Ricardo Chavarria close up.jpg

eric torrijos (technician)

Eric joined Certi-Dry in October of 2016 and has since made his way into a great water mitigation specialist. His story of getting here is a testament to how well owner Dave Meyer has an eye for talent. Eric used to work for a business on the west side of Madison that was subject to a fire that Certi-Dry was called to clean up. Eric was at the time a janitor for the company and his attention to detail and work ethic caught the eye of Dave who offered him a job on the spot. Eric has never worked in the restoration field before this but Dave had enough confidence in his skills to train him into the trade, and the rest is history. When not working on a job, Eric can be found hanging with his son and family and playing soccer.


Scott Young (technician)

Scott has been an employee with us since the end of May, 2017. He has a very long list of work experience over the years which includes retail, restaurant work, Sales, and most recently carpet cleaning for 3 years. He has also done odds and ends in the construction business with his family such as siding, and rebuilding of an entire house. He is new to the restoration business but is eager to learn more about this growing field. He is currently enrolled at MATC Madison in the liberal Arts Transfer program with the hopes of transferring to UW Madison to pursue a degree in Business Management, or Accounting. Outside of work and school Scott enjoys being outdoors. he enjoys hiking, soccer, snowboarding, four wheeling, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. 


don gordon (carpenter)

Don has been with Certi-Dry since 2013 serving as the carpenter who comes in after the clean up for any repair work that may need to be done. He specializes in trim work and siding which are two areas that receive the most damage in a water damage scenario. Don's skills have been put to use for over 37 years in the carpentry field which lends it's self to the amazing work he has accomplished for us and our customers. Don was born and raised in the Madison area and has been putting his skills to use all around the community.  When not working you can find Don on one of his 5 boats or shooting targets. He also likes to spend time with his family when he gets the chance.